Since the establishment of its first institution in 1998, RGI has grown as Central India's Leading Education Network. RGI is a fast growing and premier educational group with 22,500 students in over 800 classrooms across Central India.

RGI has strived to deliver cutting-edge courses that prepare students for successful careers in real world. Our close associations with industry ensure that our courses are up-to-date and reflect the latest trends.

In reminiscence, initiated on a positive note by "Late. Shri. Gyanchandji Raisoni" the group has evolved and created education for the benefit of the generation now and many more to come.

Innovation and creativity is and has always been the main focus of Mr. Sunil Raisoni, Chairman of Raisoni Group Of Institutions. He motivates all the Group Members to teach with a spark in their spirits, which enables the students excel in a whole new dimension. At RGI, we know the value of a quality education. We believe that education can change lives. We see it happen every day.

Our institutes offer a wide range of educational programs in K-12 from diplomas to under graduation to post graduation and several professional courses in the fields of Engineering, Management, Law, Hospitality, Education, etc; which aim to provide a perfect threshold for every student's chosen career. Our diverse programs incorporate theoretical and practical education with career-focused strategies so our students enter the job market with the skill sets that employers demand.

Like any large educational group, it is not easy, but deciding to do it and getting to work is the first step of something that could be extremely exciting. Diversification has been on the Group's mind since the inception year of 1984. And so the journey began with one engineering college and has come to a point where it has 25 institutions which are affiliated to many Universities across the country. About 1300 faculty members, with over 1400 support staff members, have given their contribution and dedication towards the positive growth for the group; also successfully operating education institutions across Nagpur, Amravati, Jalgaon, Pune, Ahmednagar and Raipur.

Our campuses have been developed specifically to provide students with a challenging and rewarding experience in a great learning environment. Our campuses also include extensive academic and social support services to assist our students to succeed.

With over four decades of combined history, the Group has diversified in the fields of Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, Construction and Healthcare; currently the Group's concentration has been more on the fields of Construction and Education.

What sets the RGI apart is its innovative approach at every step towards success. We chose to provide practically oriented education combined with a strong academic focus, developed specifically to meet industry needs.

" Our strength lies in our ability to emerge stronger from life's speed breakers…"


Late. Shri. Gyanchandji H. Raisoni

Late. Smt. Sadabai G. Raisoni

Knowledge is the product of an educational institution. Value based education & dignity of labour enriches the product further. A skilled potential with such a in hand, shall not only be an expert but also a good citizen. Let that be the endeavor of the institution.

"Our resources must lead us to a STRONG INDIA with cleaner and better living.

Hence, communicate, compute and involve in aspects related to :

Environment, Energy, Water, Eco-balance, Economy, Modern Education with excellent



A great visionary and inspirer my father Lt. Shri.Gyanchandji H. Raisoni, was an inspiration to have a high quality group of institutions appropriate for the Indian social context. The Raisoni Group, indeed, has fulfilled his aspirations and ambitions in an able manner. Thanks to the rapid development of technology over the last few decades, we have overcome all the barriers that refrained creativity to breathe. Today the world economy is experiencing an unprecedented change. With the help of continuous economic reforms during the last decade and the onset of globalization, we have managed to overcome new challenges in our own way.We firmly believe the awareness imparted to the young students will continue to grow and spread; hence we have a team of qualified creators in the form of highly educated and experienced Teachers, Lecturers & Professors. We seek to pave the way for our students to a successful career with an educational experience.

We are proud that we have developed diverse, upbeat, creative, team-oriented professionals who can operate efficiently and excel in a multicultural environment. Moreover, we have set a benchmark for ourselves on a global scale with the best colleges and become the most preferred Institution for the students in Central India.The perception of RGI is to provide affordable, relevant, industry oriented and world class Professional Education for all. With this aim we have provided the best infrastructure & facilities, highly experienced faculty, fully ventilated & lighted class rooms and a dedicated placement cell that is ideally suited for students as well as industry professionals.RGI wishes you success and invites every prospering student to experiment with their hidden talent and prove that they are the best. I am positive that with the hard work, focus and dedication of an exceptional team, RGI will outshine again and again in years to come.


Education is identified, not only with good examination grades, but also with a deeper search for fellow feeling, tolerance, and active responsibility among all fields. G.H. Raisoni Vidyaniketan intends to develop the best that is latent in children and prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through the encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievement and physical fitness. The essence of G.H.R.V. ethos is embodied in the school motto. One of the objectives of the school is to train its siblings to become citizens of strong character with high principles.


Our mission is to give its students, the experience of a demanding academic curriculum balanced by ethical values. We intend to groom the personality and intellect of the students as per the dictates of the modern age by identifying their inherent potential and supplementing and fortifying it by providing a congenial atmosphere and infrastructure to facilitate the children to become well-groomed personalities with an Indian psyche and global vision.


Knowledge is a product of an educational institution. Value based education and dignity of labour enriches the product further. A skilled potent and rich product in hand shall not only be an expert but also a good citizen. Let that be an endeavour of our institution.


The educated and empower our young kid to be the visionary global leader citizen of tomorrow. Who will creating and guiding a new world order, based on love and respect for all feeling of brotherhood. Arousing earnest urge for using knowledge, skill and talent for human development, world pease and prosperity for all.

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